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Compass Group provides abundant opportunities to help advance your engineering skills. Our engineers apply detailed productivity algorithms based on in-house and industry benchmarks to achieve peer-leading levels of efficiency. Here, you will enjoy a collaborative environment that provides satisfying challenges and rewards. In addition, we make every effort to make sure everyone feels respected, valued, and appreciated.

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“It is a real privilege and inspiration to work for a company with so many professionals. SSC’s Engineering, Design, and Construction Services at Texas A&M University gives not only enjoyment in the workplace, but also continued knowledge into one’s expertise.” Deborah, Architect

We invest great effort into retaining, growing, and engaging the best. Our drive is always to grow our talented managers from within.


Our training opportunities are extensive and our leadership will always give you the tools to succeed. You can take part in our skill development programs, including monthly training seminars and additional classes.


You will be encouraged to enhance your knowledge and understanding of your craft by sharing and staying abreast of emerging technologies and innovations in your field.


We staff the right number of quality people in the right jobs to delivers maximum productivity. We develop lean, accurate staffing levels based on project needs and maintain a finely tuned distribution of workload.

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